7 Things You Should Know About Cheap DNA Testing

There are many reasons that someone may want to have a DNA test performed, among the most popular reasons are to prove the parentage of a child and for genealogical purposes. In either case, the high cost of DNA tests can be a deterrent to getting the test done. Thanks to the internet, the world of cheap DNA testing has opened up for everyone. There are a number of sites that offer this type of testing for a fraction of the traditional price. There may, however, be hidden costs that one should know about before agreeing to send their genetic material into the lab.

1- If you are interested in DNA testing for the purpose of family history, there are a number of websites that offer this type of testing at a very reasonable cost. Most genealogy companies start the price of testing at about $100, with the price decreasing depending upon the amount of individuals that are being tested.

2- The use of DNA testing to determine parentage is usually around $300, although there are places on the internet that have prices as low as $130. This type of test will help conclude the biological parentage of a child and is often times used in court cases that involve custody and child support.

3- In either case, the collection methods are the same. The traditional form of DNA sample collection involved taking blood from all of the parties involved in the test. Modern science has made it possible to collect the needed samples via a buccal swab. This is done by using a cotton swab and rubbing the inside of the cheek to collect saliva.

4- When you are looking for a place to have a cheap DNA test performed, it is important to find out how the samples that you send in are tested. Find out how many points the DNA test will be looking for, the more points, the more accurate the test results will be.

5- In general, tests that are being performed for genealogy purposes will be tested using a lower number of points, as will a paternity test with only one potential father. In paternity cases where the question of paternity involves more than one man, the test is more specific and will utilize more points.

6- Most laboratories that complete DNA tests have strict guidelines as to how old a sample can be and still be viable to test. In most cases, this range will fall between one and five days. If the sample is not received by the lab within this range, the test cannot be guaranteed and may not be completed at all.

7- As you can see, the reason that you are seeking a cheap DNA test will help to determine how cheap, or not, the test will be. The price you are willing to pay will directly impact the information that is given to you. When shopping for DNA testing as with almost anything else, you get what you are willing to pay for. It would be wise to do lots of research before you decide on a company to perform this important test for you.