Cheap DNA Paternity Testing

It’s possible that one day you may find yourself in need of cheap DNA paternity testing. Just a few years ago, cheap DNA paternity testing would still have cost you as much as $450. But recently, the prices of DNA testing have fallen dramatically It really is possible now to get truly cheap DNA paternity testing. A DNA paternity test can be found for as little as $99.

One reason for the advent of cheap DNA paternity testing is the huge increase in number of tests done. Five years ago, about 200,000 DNA paternity tests were performed in a year. Today, just one DNA laboratory claims to perform “hundreds of thousands” of DNA paternity tests every year.
When you are looking for cheap DNA paternity testing, you can start my only considering online companies that are part of or own their own testing laboratory. If the company you are dealing with has to outsource its testing, it’s nearly impossible to get the best price. Cheap DNA paternity testing really depends on one provider handling everything. Then there are no markups or extra fees to inflate the price.

Another factor you should consider when looking for cheap DNA paternity testing is whether you need a legally admissible test DNA paternity test or just results to satisfy your personal need for information. Most cheap DNA paternity testing is for personal information only. If you need court admissible test results, it will cost you more because the DNA samples will need to be collected and handled by a third party to preserve chain of custody rules and to verify identification. Even so, you should compare prices for the legal DNA paternity test as well, because there continues to be wide price variation among testing providers.

If you are performing a DNA paternity test to satisfy your personal curiosity, then cheap DNA paternity testing should be no problem for you. Most labs will provide you with a free in-home DNA sample collection kit. Once you have collected samples by swabbing the inside of your cheek, you return the DNA samples along with payment. Test results can usually be provided within three to seven working days. If you don’t need a rush order, that should help you utilize cheap DNA paternity testing, as you will be avoiding any rush charges. Many labs are working to automate the repetitive processes involved in DNA testing. So even though the methods of DNA testing are really high-tech, the use of robotics and computers have made cheap DNA paternity testing possible.

Finally, if you are lucky enough to live near a DNA testing laboratory, they may offer reduced price services for those with demonstrated need. You should be able to find information about your local laboratory online.