DNA Paternity Testing Services Online

Although DNA itself was discovered in 1869, its role in genetic inheritance wasn’t demonstrated until 1953. Even then, it was another 40 years before DNA testing began to move beyond a very exclusive scientific club. However, in the last 15 years, the role of DNA has expanded to many fields. And just in the past few years, DNA testing has truly burst forth into wide availability to most of the general population.

Advances in DNA technology have brought forth an abundance of tests that are possible with only small samples of easily collected DNA. The appearance of home collection kits, which allow individuals to collect and submit their own DNA samples, has made it possible for DNA testing laboratories to provide services via the Internet. A full assortment of DNA testing services are available online. The service in highest demand are DNA paternity testing services. There is a large and growing demand for DNA paternity testing online. More than 800 paternity tests are performed each and every day in the United States alone.

Online DNA labs provide DNA paternity testing services to satisfy curiosity or to respond to legal questions of child support and child custody. Patients can collect their own DNA samples for online DNA paternity testing if it’s simply a case of curiosity.

Legal DNA paternity testing requires that the “chain of evidence” be preserved, so online services can arrange for professional DNA sample collection in your home. This allows online labs to provide DNA paternity testing results that are admissable in court.

Prenatal DNA paternity testing is also now available online using samples collected by a doctor. “Motherless” DNA paternity testing is offered by most online labs, if the mother is unavailable for testing. And, if the question ever arises, DNA maternity tests can be found that will conclusively determine the child’s biological mother. This may be helpful in cases of adoption, in vitro fertilization, or other situations.

DNA paternity testing are not the only services provided by online companies. All sorts of relationship probabilities can be examined including questions related to identifying brothers or sisters, grandparents, and even extended relationships like cousins. Tests can also be ordered online to determine whether twins are fraternal or identical.

Online DNA testing companies are expanding beyond DNA paternity testing. They also offer ancestry testing, providing answers about an individuals origins and genealogy. These types of services include the ability to determine Native American ancestry. Most online companies also offer a DNA identification system, in which DNA is analyzed and stored. This provides for positive and conclusive identification in the future if the need arises.