DNA Testing at its Best

Looking for a completely confidential, precise, inexpensive, convenient, secure and trustworthy DNA test? Is it not about time you know the truth about who really is your family and who is not? Perhaps it is you that is digging deep into your pockets to try and keep up on those child-support payments, but have you ever wondered if those children are really yours? A simple and cheap paternity test may be just the thing that would set you free from those dreaded payments. As it states in the Bible, “the truth will make us free,” therefore wait no longer to know with complete assurance what possibly has been bothering you for way to long. With new advancements in completely reliable DNA testing, the process has become so easy, even a home-schooled child could perform the test-that is because he/she does not even have to take a step outside of their home to find out!

GeneTree, one of the most trusted names in DNA testing has made it possible to receive a free DNA testing kit in your own home. You then do a simple procedure such as taking a cheek swab sample and you would then send the DNA testing kit back to GeneTree. They then rapidly process the results, which by the way are 99.99% accurate, and you can find out the results by telephone, email, or mail in as little as 7 days, in much less time than it would take a government agency to do the same test. And the best part, GeneTree’s paternity tests are admissible in most courts of law.

When it comes to DNA testing, many people are skeptical because of high costs or perhaps are just unfamiliar with the process. Perhaps they are completely horrified of needles and think that in order to take a DNA test, doing a blood test is required. Well there is no need to worry, GeneTree’s free DNA testing kit only requires a swipe of the mouth from the child and parent, and within a week you will find out for sure the truth.

Okay so maybe you are not the person that has any need for a DNA test regarding paternity or maternity. Not only can a DNA test let you know if it is really practical and necessary to go to those famous family reunions…not that you need a DNA test to really know that, but cheap DNA testing can also let you get in touch with your roots. Ever wondered if perhaps you have Native American blood? Do you want to know where your Ancestors come from? Where they have moved and what made them different than others? Doing the simple procedure already mentioned above, one can find out and get in touch wit his or her roots. Perhaps you have been adopted, or have adopted parents and have always wondered what ancestral heritage you have. Or perhaps you have heard stories passed down on your ancestral heritage, and now you have the option to confirm everything that has been said and find out if it is all true. This is not all that you can do with DNA testing, it as also been used to establish residency and legal citizenship. Thousands of people have used paternity testing to verify paternity and help in all the difficulty of the immigration process. As you can see, the benefits of DNA testing are numerous, and there are many reasons why anybody in any circumstance can benefit from DNA testing.

Abouth the author:

Jason Luke is a Client Account Specialist for 10X Marketing. Go now to GeneTree to find out more about DNA testing and the many benefits there are of DNA testing.