Know For Certain With A Paternity DNA Test

With the breakdown of many family safeguards we in society, the need to establish paternity for children is becoming more critical than ever. It’s no secret that the court system has increasingly gone after dead beat dads who aren’t supporting their children. This is as it should be. The problem however is that often in relationships that have gone bad, claims of paternity and demands for child support are made on the latest convenient male partner who may or may not be the actual father. Once this type of claim is made, it becomes a big issue for the man especially if he’s not the legitimate father of the child.

And the risks are high. The courts have demanded child support payments from fathers, even to the point of impoverishment. Failing to make the demanded court ordered child support payments can also result in many penalties, not the least of which is garnishment of wages to pay support. In addition however, all tax returns can be withheld and even documents like a drivers license renewal can be refused by the state to dads who are behind on child support.

Another aspect of paternity is what about a father who is not afforded his rights to be with his child because the mother has claimed the child isn’t his? This is a case where a home paternity DNA test can establish if the man is the legitimate father and entitled to visitation and involvement with the child. It’s not the intent of this article to take sides one way or the other on this matter. The facts are that having a child obligates the parents to care for that child. So the ramifications of being identified as fathering a child can have serious and long lasting effects on the life of a man.

If you father children, it’s your responsibility to care for them. If they’re yours, you should also have the right to be involved win their lives. But what if you’re not the father however? Why should a man be obligated to support children who are not legally or biologically his? This is where a home DNA paternity test can help. These at home DNA kits are simple to use and accurate to the point where DNA results are routinely used as evidence in court. At the very least, establishing paternity using a home DNA test kit can make going to court a much less stressful event.

These DNA tests are inexpensive and offer significant peace of mind for the parents. They are accurate to at least 99.99% positive that you are the father but are also 100% accurate in establishing you are NOT the father of the child. Although it’s ideal to have the mother, child and the claimed father tested, the dna testing method does not require the mother to be involved to obtain an accurate test.

Once a DNA test kit is delivered, you need to collect the samples. This is an easy swab of you and the childs mouths. Send the samples into the DNA test lab for processing and in about a week, your results are delivered to you. It’s a sad day when claims of fatherhood are made with such dire consequences for all concerned. Using a home paternity DNA test kit can establish your rights and obligation to a child one way or the other.

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