Pregnancy Information – All About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a preparation of the newest member of the family. It may or may not be wanted but it’s a celebration of life that should be cherished by anyone. The most obvious pregnancy symptom in women is when they miss their menstrual cycle. Having a menstrual cycle means the egg of the woman is released from her body with a sperm to fertilize the egg. If the sperm joins the egg, there’s no need to flush out the egg since life starts a new with their union.

Aside from missing the menstrual cycle, there are other early sign of pregnancy that are often experienced by women. At the early signs of conception, some women will even experience delayed menstruation. But this is only light and can be called implantation bleeding where the embryo starts to be placed in the uterine wall. As early as the first or second week of conception, the breast of pregnant women will experience swelling or their breasts become tender. Morning sickness is also common but this is not as early as everyone though it is. This will only occur within two to eight weeks of pregnancy. Backaches, headache and fatigue are also signs of pregnancy. There’s also an increase of food craving in pregnant women. It’s also possible that women will grow fond not on general food but on a specific type of food. One reason for this is that the body is trying to make up for the lack of nutrients in the body.

Pregnancy Advice
Don’t rush in knowing the sex of the baby – ultrasound can tell the parents the sex of the baby as early as the first trimester. But the most accurate times in getting the sex of the baby is during 18th and 26th week of pregnancy. Ask your doctor on what procedure is best for you. Don’t drink any medicine that are not approved by your doctor – This should be an absolute rule of the house. Any medicine taken unsupervised may inflict permanent damage to the baby.

When working while pregnant, avoid work that will give too much stress – this will affect the baby physically and psychologically. Stress will also cause the pregnant women weaker. As much as possible, cut the numbers of hours you’re working to be home as early as possible and take some rest. If the environment you’re working with is stress free, you can stay until your due date.

Sex – Sex during pregnancy is safe although it’s not recommended in the final trimester. High risk pregnancies should also prevent the couple from sex.

Healthy Diet and Exercise – sign up for weekend exercises for pregnant women and maintain a healthy diet through out the pregnancy stage and also while breastfeeding. Read more about Pregnancy Advices.

Conception starts when the egg of the women is joined by the sperm of the man. It takes place in the fallopian tube and they travel to the uterus to develop the baby. But conception just doesn’t happen in any day. Women are usually fertile days before the ovulation. During this time when the sperm joins the egg, pregnancy will likely to occur. The days of ovulation differs from each woman but there are prediction kits that couple can purchase in most pharmacies to know the perfect time the woman will be fertile. Read more about Pregnancy Conception.

Pregnancy Calendar
First Trimester – During these months, the body of the woman will experience minor but significant physical changes. She will feel tired every day as her body reminds her that she needs rest more than ever. The areolas of the breast will also widen and darken and the same time. Expect mood swings and nausea such as morning sickness during this period.

Second Trimester – In this stage, the mother will be able to feel for the first time, the baby’s movement. Drastic changes in the body will also be felt. Stretch marks, changes in skin color and of course, increase in the size of the belly. Due to the increase of the baby’s weight, lower back pain should be expected. There are also women who reported difficulty of sleeping but this can easily be addressed through exercise and proper timing of sleep.

Third Trimester – It’s time to prepare for the baby! Enroll in a childbirth class during these times. During these times you will feel hot because of the increased metabolic rate. Water retention in parts of your body such as the ankles, fingers and face causes swelling at the same time. The women’s breasts will now be full and heavy, ready to breastfeed the baby. During this trimester there are also false labor pains called the Braxton Hicks Contraction. Read more about Pregnancy Calendar.