Use DNA Testing To Find Your Relatives

If you want to trace your ancestors, the job is much easier with modern DNA analysis techniques. The process is very simple. You register and pay a fee. The company sends you a mouth swab kit. You use it and send it back to the lab for analysis. Cells from your mouth swab will contain your DNA. The company have access to DNA databases that they compare your DNA to. You will be sent a report listing the individuals in the database that your DNA shows a match with. All cells contain DNA, including the sex cells, sperm and egg cells. When a sperm and egg cell combine the new cell formed contains DNA from both parents. DNA analysis in a specialist laboratory can give evidence about the likelihood of 2 individuals being related.

There is only a tiny chance of 2 individuals having identical DNA, unless they are identical twins. Identical twins will have the same DNA because the fertilized egg that split to give the 2 fetuses came from the same sperm and the same egg. It only split after the DNA from the two sex cells had already combined.

DNA analysis can be used to pinpoint an individual at the scene of a crime. This is particularly simple in rape cases because semen contains sperm cells that contain the male DNA. Find the DNA match and you have found the rapist. All cells contain DNA though, including skin and hair cells. We drop skin and hair cells everywhere we go, so all the crime scene technician does is to collect these from a murder, arson or burglary crime scene and find the DNA profile of the criminal.

DNA analysis can be used to prove or disprove paternity. This is commonly used in cases where the mother is trying to claim maintenance payments from an absent father.

Where people were adopted as infants and are looking for their natural parents DNA analysis can also be used.

Your birth parents do not need to have registered to get a result. If any person related to you is in the database, a positive result will show. You may find grandparents, siblings or more distant relatives, all of which will lead to more information on your heritage.

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