Free DNA Paternity Tests

There are many reasons for DNA testing in modern society. While not the only DNA test available, the use of a simple paternity test to confirm the parentage of a child is the most widespread application of genetic DNA testing. Why would someone want a test for paternity? The easy answer is—to absolutely confirm a biological relationship between a parent and a child. Yet, there are complicated situations behind this seemingly straightforward question. For a lot of people, having DNA testing done is a search for the truth. The need to “know for sure” is a running theme in many stories, and DNA testing helps to “put the mind at ease”. Many others have expressed similar emotions and the “nagging doubts” which caused them to seek genetic testing.

GeneTree’s simple paternity test answers most questions that our customers ask. The GeneSwab Paternity Test Kit is sent to your home absolutely FREE. Once the genetic clues are collected, customers send the DNA samples (along with payment for the service) to our lab for processing. Normally, it only takes 3-7 days to receive the answer. The process is fast, simple and affordable. Unfortunately, there are some that learn this the hard way.

Sometimes people do wrong things for, what seems at the time, the right reasons. Extended family members may believe that they have the right to supplant a biological parent. While the “rights of individuals” are best left to the courts, DNA testing can help to clear up deceptions. It is unfortunate that we hear so many stories of people “being used” or “taken to the cleaners”. In these tough situations DNA testing can expose lies and clear consciences as well as win child custody and child support cases.

Confidentiality is a high priority for many of our clients, so it is always standard procedure for us at GeneTree. Some people want to avoid discord in their immediate or extended families. Others want to discreetly find out the truth about a family secret that has been kept hidden for many long years. We understand that many of the situations requiring DNA testing may be embarrassing, secret, or problematic, and as such are best kept confidential. Still there is the over-powering need to “get proof” even when only one or two people will ever know. Since so many people ask that we be discreet, all our communication to customers is geared with that in mind. You can be sure that our service is safe, and all packaging is non-descript. You will also find our phone representatives helpful and sensitive to your particular situation.

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