Can a Paternity test be faked?

Q: I’m not with the baby’s father and he will not sign the birth certificate, as he wants nothing to do with our son. I will be taking him to court for a paternity test and I am certain he is the father. I was wondering if there would be any way possible for him to fake his results to get out of the test coming back positive? I am very worried and need some answers, thank you.

Additional Details – Thank you, just wasn’t sure if he could somehow put someone else’s saliva into his mouth or any other tricks along those lines.

A: A DNA paternity test that is performed for the court is not going to be able to be faked. As said, they will check his ID, watch him swab his mouth, and he will not handle any of the samples once the are collected.
If he were to try and contaminate his sample with someone else’s saliva the lab would be able to see two different peoples DNA. In a case where the sample is contaminated, they will have him come back in for a re-collection.
There isn’t a way to fake a DNA test of this kind. That’s why the courts use it.