Can I get legal rights for a DNA test for my baby?

Q: My boyfriend says he wants nothing to do with me or my unborn baby if I leave him can I legal get a test done to find ot if it is his although i know its is, also can i get rights for child care off him ?

A: If he denies paternity, he best thing for you to do is file a paternity suit against him in court. the court will order paternity testing, probably DNA, if he denies paternity. i can think of no way to compel his cooperation for paternity testing without court order. if he agrees to testing, you can get it done without court order, but my experience is that you are best off with a judicial or administrative order,especially if you are already having problems at this early date. seek out you local iv-d agency (maybe called child support office) asap to get the ball rolling. orders for custody, visitation, and child suppport can be entered once paternity is established.