Cheap DNA testing paternity?

Q: I want accurate paternity test.

A: Accurate paternity testing is not an issue. You can easily find 40 accredited DNA laboratories here in the US. Below is the link to the American Association of Blood Banks or AABB. This is the non-bias organization who accredits and annually inspects each laboratory to maintain their license.

I previously worked for two laboratories and both are quality laboratories, Orchid (fka GeneScreen) and DNA Diagnostics Center, and I am sure you would be pleased with either lab. If I had to recommend one over the other it would be DNA Diagnostics Center, simply because of their internal protocols to maintain quality testing. Their management team sets the bar very high and they often exceed the industry criteria for accreditation. You check any of the 40 labs out for yourself, their website addresses should be listed on the AABB site.

Regarding cost this is still a very high price due to the demand and the laboratories trying to capture these dollars. You can expect to pay somewhere between $375 to $700 for three parties to be tested. This includes the mother, child and alleged father. Testing can be done without the mother but there is typically no discount and sometimes additional cost due to to the fact that additional testing must be performed since the mothers sample is not available. Basically the lab has to run more test or what is known as “probes” to compensate for not having the mothers sample.

Keep in mind some industry statistics:
There are 4 Million babies born in the US each year
Of that there is a question of who the father is in 25% of the births
Yes, that means 1 Million babies, there is a question as who the father is…
The parties being tested 33% of the time the alleged father is NOT the biological father, even when the mother argues otherwise. Just a statistical and biological fact in the DNA world.

So if you are a father and questioning paternity, my recommendation is to get a paternity test.
Good luck to you.