Do-it-yourself paternity test kits?

Q: Do you think they are ethical? Should they be allowed and accepted? Should their utility for a man -emotionally and financially – trump ethics?

A: I think it’s a fabulous idea! I doubt it could hold up in court if a man contested paternity, but it might at least let them have a state-administered one. I really am sick of all of these poor men getting suckered into paying child support for kids that aren’t theirs by lying ho-bags. They pick the most desirable partner and name him the daddy without knowing for sure if he is. And a lot of times, they KNOW it’s not him, but the real dad is a deadbeat, or another man, or something like that.

Will the kid suffer? Maybe. But maybe they’ll be better off because they’ll know who their real father is. I guess it all boils down to who is more important: the child or the adult.

I think paternity tests should be required to get welfare benefits, too. I know women who lie about not knowing who the babydaddy is so they can get more money. It makes me sick. If they can’t produce a sperm donor, then they don’t get my tax money.