Is there a difference between a paternity test and a DNA test?

Q: And can a judge order a man to take one for reasons of child support?

A: A paternity test was once a simple blood test. But the results were not very reliable. Today, the paternity test is a DNA test and the results, if the test is done properly, are very reliable. If the mother of the child or infant claims a man is the biological father of her child and asks the court for child support from said father, the court will order a DNA test to prove positive the child is that of the biological father. If you refuse to give the test, you can be ordered to pay child support without the proof positive and/or you can be put jailed for not paying child support. It’s wise to take the test, and then support your child if it is, in fact, your child. If it is not your child, the court will not make you pay, unless you have recognized the child as your child and have established a relationship/bonding with the child and mother.