Prenatal paternity test?

Q: Ok I have been looking for a place in pittsburgh that can do a paternity test before i have my baby….. i am only 6 weeks pregnant but i need to know if the guy i think i got pregnant to is the father because if he is im going to get an abortion because i do not want a child with this man.. he is phsyco. is there anywhere i can get a prenatal test done in pittsburgh for under 700 dollars and get free results and before its too late to get an abortion… please help i need to know asap.

A: There are only two tests available that will allow you to determine the paternity before the baby is born. One is a CVS. This is where they take a small piece of the placenta. Since the placenta is made of the same cells that created the baby then it contains the baby’s DNA. This test can be done at 12 weeks. It is invasive and carries a risk of miscarriage. It is, usually, only done when it is suspected that there is something wrong with the baby, such as down’s syndrome or sickle cell anemia.

The other test available is an amniocentesis. This is the most well known of all the prenatal tests. They place a needle in the abdomen and draw out some amniotic fluid. This test is done at around 17 weeks. Again, it is only done when there is a threat to the baby’s health such as spina bifida. This test, also carries a risk of miscarriage.

These test are the only, reliable, way to check paternity. They are expensive and invasive. Insurance will only pay for them for a good reason. I am afraid that you are stuck.