Prenatal Paternity Testing Cost?

Q: My friend has gotten into a predicament with his current girlfriend (suspects her infidelity) who is pregnant. She’s 16 weeks along. We looked up stuff on prenatal DNA testing but we’re very confused.
Is it possible to do one at home similar to a pregnancy test or does it HAVE to happen in a doctoral setting?
Also, how much does it costs? I’m helping him with the cost but we’re hoping that it doesnt run over 300.
A little help so my friend knows if the kid is his!

A: Prenatal paternity testing doesn’t come close to what you’re willing to pay. The invasive, and risky, procedure which calls for retrieving amniotic fluid from the mother costs $495 if performed by the DDC (DNA Diagnostic Center). While this is the cheaper method there is a chance the mother could suffer a miscarriage once the amniotic sac is punctured due to possible infection getting in, loss of amniotic fluid or preterm labor. If you go the safer route the non-invasive procedure costs close to $1000 at the DDC. Keep in mind these are just the fees to test the samples there is also a collection fee involved for obtaining the needed DNA samples. You can contact the DDC at 800-613-5768 and inquire about locations in your area and more details regarding their prices and procedure.